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Dr. Steven Robillard

Back Pain

I was experiencing back pain and pain down the side of both legs beginning at the hips and radiating down the back to the knees. After treatments with Dr. Steve my pain has gone away and no medicine! Headaches have also vastly been reduced. His treatment plan is individualized, thorough and effective.

Dr. Steve was able to help me with my painful condition without the use of medication. Why wouldn't you allow Dr. Steve the opportunity to do the same for you?
- Israel M.

Dr. Steve has helped tremendously! A year ago I felt like I was ready for a wheelchair. I had back pain, hip pain, tingling in the legs and feet. Spinal stenosis and pinched sciatic nerve. Nerves shot. No ease from physical therapy or drugs.

The time and compassion that Dr. Steve has given me the past couple of years has improved my health as much as his diagnosis and technique to diffuse the pain.
- Saundra S.

Prior to seeing Dr. Steve, my back was so stiff and sore. I'd be hunched over in the morning and had very frequent headaches. Now my back is virtually pain free and the headaches are gone.

Dr. Steve has helped relieve not only my headaches, but also has helped my teenage son with his headaches and my teenage daughter with her pain in her hips. Seriously, I was a bit of a sceptic ... but the proof is in the results.

The results far exceeded my expectations! What do you have to lose? Just give it a try!
-Beth W.

I have not been getting my chronic back spasm. He knows exactly the problem and how to treat it. Don’t punish yourself trying to solve your problem. See a professional.
- Boyd B.

In one treatment I was able to walk with ease. No pain! Dr. Steve will make you feel wonderful!
- Jacqueline P.

I can now do all my normal activities again. Dr. Steve is great at getting you back to normal health. Dr. Steve takes all your muscle aches away.
- Kathy B.

It was like night vs day. My chronic low back pain is now few and far between since I started after seeing Dr. Steve. Dr. Steve is honest.

He is not going to sell you a bill of goods. Dr. Steve will help you I have no doubt if you listen to his advice. Don’t hesitate one second.

Dr. Steve will help you feel better.
- Dominick Q.

Dr. Steve has greatly helped with with my low back pain. I had not been to a Chiropractor so I was skeptical. Dr. Steve explains and educates about what is going on with your body. Dr. Steve knows what it takes to get you feeling better and helps you understand so that you have long term relief.

Dr. Steve understand how the body works and his goal is to get you feeling your best!
- Carmen R.

I had lower back pain that I had hoped would go away but it did didn’t go away on it’s own.
Dr. Steve diagnosed and through adjustments the pain is gone.

Dr. Steve takes a gentle but through approach to treatming the entire body and not just the area of pain. Don’t wait too long living with unnecessary pain that can easily be treated without drugs.

- Laura J.