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Where Does My Pain Come From?

It can be hard to tell what the source of your pain is. Dr. Robillard explains in this video why there is a better question to ask...

The Percussor

In this video, he demonstrates how he uses the percussor to bring the full range of motion back to his patient's shoulder.

Chiro for Kids - Chronic Ear Infections

Dr. Steve explains the simple way that chiropractors can help clear chronic ear infections in kids without antibiotics.

Chiropractic for Kids - Colic in Babies

I love to see babies in my practice! There is a simple, painless and very gentle chiropractic treatment that can greatly reduce or end colic in young babies. It can help the babies and bring calm to parents.

Focus on Function

The cause of nearly all pain is a loss of function. If I get your joints to move better, I can restore function to your musculoskeletal system I can reduce or eliminate your pain. This is the primary focus of chiropractic care.

Plantar Fasciitis

The pain of plantar fasciitis can be excruciating and many patients think they must just live with it. I learned the way to fix this often debilitating condition years ago and can help you with yours.

Rachel Robillard's Stem Cell Therapy Story

This is the story of how stem cell therapy addressed Rachel's pain quickly and remodeled her knee joint for long lasting relief.

Linda Cranford's Stem Cell Therapy Story

Dr. Robillard's patient, Linda Cranford, tore both her left and right rotator cuffs and cracked several ribs during two accidents.

Carolyn Conoly's Stem Cell Therapy Story

In this video, patient Carolyn Conoly shares her decision to have stem cell therapy and the results she has had to date.

Rhonda Shively's Stem Cell Therapy Story

Rhonda describes her experience with Stem Cell Therapy which she received at Back to Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Dr. Robillard's Stem Cell Therapy Story

I don't just provide this therapy to my patients, I have received a stem cell injection myself. Here's my story!

Neck Stretches You Can Do At Home

Dr. Robillard and his wife Anne demonstrate a clever way to stretch the offending muscles and get back to your day.

Lower Back Stretches You Can Do At Home

Those of us who work at desks all day - or overdo the yard work or first golf rounds of the season - can benefit from safe and effective lower back stretches.

Ultrasound Therapy

We use ultrasound therapy to heat the body several inches below the surface to flush out chronic inflammation and other harmful substances.

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Life is going along as usual and suddenly your back freezes up. How can this happen? It's the old story of "The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back."