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Where Does Your Pain Originate?

The following is a conversation I have frequently with patients in the 28 years I have been in practice.

Patient: "Doc, what I really want to know is if this pain is coming from my muscles or joints. If it is muscles I should go to a masseuse and if it is joints I should go to you. Right?"

Doc: "I can answer that question right now. It is your muscles."

Patient: "So I should get a massage?"

Doc: "Sure, you can and it will certainly help. But most likely the pain will come right back."

The point of sharing this conversation is there are only 3 main structures of the body that cause pain.
(There are of course more, but by far, these three are the most common.) They are:

Skin There are a lot of nerve endings in skin. This is why burns are probably the most painful condition you can have.

Muscles There are also a lot of nerve endings in muscles.

Nerves This would be the shooting pain down your arm or sciatic pain down your leg. It would also include numbness and tingling.

The structure that is not on that list is your joints. Joints usually are not the painful structure but joints that do not properly move cause muscles to be overworked and that can cause pain.

There is also another reason for pain that is very common. It is not a structure but a process. That process is inflammation.

To add more complexity, there is no law that says you can't have more than one of these causes for pain at the same time. This is where the doctor's experience can make a big difference.

If you have a nagging or reoccurring pain or condition and would like to take control of your health, I utilize specific step-by-step procedures that will determine specifically what is causing your pain and how you can take control of it. You will also be shown how to start to improve your health using safe and natural methods. I understand, and together we can address your challenge that you are struggling to overcome.

It really comes down to the experience of the doctor.

This includes the ability to see the patterns of the body as it heals. As a doctor of chiropractic with over 25 years of clinical practice I have that experience.

I am "Dr. Steve" Robillard and I am committed to helping you.

It is my privilege to share information with you that will help you improve your health by giving you an understanding of how the newest information and procedures impact you and your family's health.
If you would like a personal telephone consultation with me or would like to talk with me directly, call 972-539-6564.

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