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The Percussor

One way I am unlike other chiropractors is my unique use of "The Percussor". 

More than ten years ago I was introduced to the percussor and when I realized how effectively it could help me stretch connective tissue, it almost instantly changed the way I practice.

All my patients are treated with the percussor, which vibrates the joints. Only some chiropractors use the percussor, and no one uses it like I do.

The Percussor Stretches Connective Tissue

Connective tissue includes tendons, ligaments and also capsules that surround a joint. Since the percussor stretches connective tissue, it therefore increases joint mobility.When joints are unrestricted your muscles work more effectively and are less painful.

II also use it on muscles, but it is not stretching the muscle tissue. It is stretching the connective tissue surrounding the muscles.

The percussor is one of the ways I create "joints in motion" which is my goal for you during a treatment.

If you have a nagging or reoccurring pain or condition and would like to take control of your health, I utilize specific step-by-step procedures that will determine specifically what is causing your pain and how you can take control of it.You will also be shown how to start to improve your health using safe and natural methods. I understand the body, and together we can address your pains and health challenges that you are struggling to overcome.

It really comes down to the experience of the doctor

This includes the ability to see the patterns of the body in both its abnormal state and as the body heals.As a doctor of chiropractic with over 27 years of clinical practice I have that experience.