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Dr. Steven Robillard

Heel and Foot Pain

My bone spur has improved and I can walk and exercise without painful feet. Dr. Steve can teach and explain how your body can heal itself. Dr. Steve listens to you. Dr. Steve can help your body heal itself naturally. Dr. Steve will listen and come up with a plan for healing.
- Norma S.

When my heel pain started I could hardly walk. Now I am able to go without my orthotics without having pain. He can solve your plantar fascitis problems. Plantar fascitis had ruined my life and now I can walk without pain. He’s my hero! He can be yours, too!
-Sally S.

I had pain in my foot for over a month. Let me tell you is 3 words – No more pain. Dr. Steve not only diagnosed the problem he made it go away for good. Give Dr. Steve a try. He won’t disappoint you.
- Lynnis N.