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Dr. Steven Robillard

A Different Kind of Doctor

Dr. Steve is not into a "service plan" based clinic, you know, with the "X number of visits". His visits are based on your range of motion and other functional improvements. Dr. Steve is not a "quick, crack your back" kind of doctor. Dr. Steve has a more unique approach that focuses more on your flexibility or as he puts is, "the function of your body."
- Greg R.

Dr.Steve is Miralulous! He truly is concerned with the entire person. He is sensitive to you needs and listens very intently. Dr. Steve is never in a hurry and makes you feel you are his number one concern.

His sincere professionalism mixed with his tender care and wit. I feel he is up to date on the latest and greatest medical care and procedures.

I has already given his card to many people with exceptional praise.

Dr Steve has been a great friend as I have learned to get through my pain and discomfort. He has treated me with very tender care and professionalism. I appreciate his practice and the attentiveness I have received.
- Pat L.

It’s amazing what Dr. Steve has been able to do in such a short amount of time. I’ve improved in only two weeks. He is thourough and explains all details of a treatment plan.

I’ve tried other chiropractors but Dr. Steve’s methods are completely different and the fast results are amazing.
- Melodie S.