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Dr. Steven Robillard

Hip Pain

Came in to see if see could help with my severe hip pain. After three visits I am walking without a limp and very little pain. I Love It! I wish I had not waited so long. Lived 3 months with chronic pain and now I am pain free.

Besides Dr. Steve being very handsome with a beautiful family, he knows the human body and how to help it heal itself. Love Dr. Steve!

Do not live with pain. It is not necessary. Make an appointment with Dr. Steve today! You’ll be glad you did.

-Pam G.

I was in a lot of pain in my hip and heel areas. I thought I was just getting old. Dr. Steve discovered that my pelvis had rotated and after he adjusted it, it was 99% better.

Dr. Steve is very knowledgble and has a gift in determining where the pain is coming from and how to correct it. I like that he explains what he is going to do before he adjusts any part of your body.

Dr. Steve is a miracle worker in my eyes!

- Patty F.

WhenI came to see Dr. Steve, my back and hips were out of line. After seeing Dr. Steve everything was in line and pain free.

Dr. Steve is very detailed in his diagnosis and a kind and gentle doctor.

You will feel better and be able to function normally.

- Rhonda S.