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Dr. Steven Robillard

Weight Loss

Dr. Steve has helped with with weight loss. Dr. Steve’s consultation and direction have helped me lose 14 lbs so far and I am not done yet! His simple, easy to follow program as a must if one of your goals is to lose weight. Dr. Steve’s weight loss program realy works. If you need and want help with weight loss, call Dr. Steve.
- Israel M.

Amazing improvements in only 3 weeks. Less aches and pain. Stopped my allergy medicine and lost 7 lbs. In the first 10 days without feeling weak or sluggish. I never felt hungry and also my skin cleared.Dr. Steve explained and broke down everything, which made it easier to understand and do. He was always available for any questions. How generous he is with his time and advice. He cares and is extremely knowledgeable. I am actually recommending the diet to all my friends and family. You will have a much better quality of life if you follow his advice and recommendations. He will know what is wrong before you finish your question. I am a complete different and happier person since I started seeing Dr. Steve. I understand my body so much more and know what is good or bad for me.
- Saba E.

I've lost weight, lost body fat and am sleeping better. My work outs are more intense because I'm generally feeling better. Dr. Steve has a great approach and tailored to the individual needs.

- Bob D.

My condition improved like Night and Day. I have been seeing a trainer with the goal of losing weight. For 6 months I worked on different programs with little results. After speaking with Dr. Steve he recognized quickly what I needed. Within one month I have seen superior results than 6 months with a trainer. In addition, all the pain I have had in my back and neck have gone away.
Dr. Steve is honest and you get proven results. If you are in pain or looking for results with weight loss, Dr. Steve is the best in town.
- Chris H.

I had come to see Dr. Steve for an injury but he also determined that my weight was aggravating my knees. I used Dr. Steve for nutritional counseling.

Dr. Steve and his staff care about the whole person. They will take the time to review your health, your activities, emotions and motivation and work with you to achieve the results you want.
- Kimberly G.

I was stationary at my weight loss so I came to Dr.Steve to see if he could help me jump start my weight loss and he was able to do that through his program and objective computer feedback.

Dr. Steve can help you with tight muscles and sore backs as well as weight loss. Dr. Steve treats each person on their individual needs.

It’s working for me so it can work for you too!.
-Linda W.