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Conditions Treated

Pain Management

Pain Management

About 22 million Americans visit chiropractors annually and more than a third of them complain of back pain.  Additional complaints are pain in the limbs, neck and head, including headaches in general and more serious conditions such as migraines and cluster headaches.

Chiropractic treatments rely on the concept that if the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine, is functioning properly, the body can heal itself naturally to a great extent. Many studies have proven that chiropractic can be a highly effective, drug free approach to both acute and chronic pain management.

I urge my patients to see me immediately for any pain you may be experiencing.  Chiropractic works best for fresh injuries/new pain, which can increase rapidly if not treated. 

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

If you develop pain in your hands, you may be told that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome can be tricky and is often confused with arthritis, tendonitis or even a neck problem.  Diagnosing the source of your hand and wrist pain is the key to a proper treatment.

Dr. Steven Robillard and Dr. Charles Collins are experts in this diagnosis as both are "Designated Doctors" for the State of Texas, with specialized training to diagnose musculoskeletal problems including carpal tunnel syndrome. We can work to relieve musculoskeletal causes for your pain before you turn to surgery to address your condition.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can be a debilitating condition of the foot, in which the ligament that runs from your heel to your toes becomes damaged.  The damage can cause inflammation and agonizing pain, and many people believe this is something they must just endure.

This is simply not true!

In fact, I had plantar fasciitis for years until I became a chiropractor and learned how to defeat this pain. 

There are several ways that chiropractic and a few adjunct therapies can help you heal and get back to a pain free life.

  • Chiropractic adjustments to your spine, hips, knees and feet can help to reduce pain and pressure on the plantar fascia ligament.  When your gait becomes more normal, your foot will begin to heal.
  • Adjunct therapies such as cold laser treatment can also encourage healing.
  • I will recommend several stretches and specific applications of ice that will keep the healing process on track between treatments.
  • And, I can fit you for an orthotic that will help your gait and foot to function more normally as it heals.  I have found relatively inexpensive but highly effective orthotics that my patients love. It is absolutely not necessary to purchase one of the multi-hundred-dollar big name orthotics when this one will do the job so well.

Please come see me if you are experiencing foot pain.  While it can take time to heal the injury that has caused your pain, I can get you on the road to recovery immediately.

General Injuries

General Injuries

Chiropractic concerns itself with the musculoskeletal system of the body.  Therefore, many muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue injuries can be treated with chiropractic.

This includes injuries such as sprains, frozen shoulder, back strains, tendonitis, trigger finger, bulging or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, nerve pain and so on. 

Keep in mind that many types of pain are secondary to the pain caused by the original injury.  For example, sciatica may cause you to use an unnatural gait which could cause neck, shoulder, knee or foot pain.  Chiropractic can help your body heal from both primary and secondary injuries before they get out of hand.

Remember: Chiropractic, like most treatments, works best when it starts as soon as possible after an injury occurs.  Please call my office immediately and I my staff will do their best for me to see you quickly.



There are several different types of arthritis, as you will know if you suffer from it.  The common factor among them is the location; arthritis is a disease of the joints that is associated with inflammation (either chronic or waxing and waning) and pain.

Since chiropractic focused on the musculoskeletal system, it can be an ideal treatment often in association with adjunct therapies and lifestyle changes.

I have treated many patients with arthritis and have helped them achieve considerable improvement in their quality of life.  Many patients can continue the activities they enjoy with a supportive treatment regimen and a few lifestyle changes.

Chiropractic treatments can help keep the arthritic joints moving and reduce painful inflammation.  Other adjunct therapies we can apply in the office, including ultrasound and cold laser, will often work well with chiropractic.

If a patient is over their desired/healthy weight, I can provide weight loss counselling to help lose weight to take pressure off a painful joint.  Even a few pounds can make a big difference.  I will also provide dietary suggestions to help you avoid foods that can contribute to inflammation and pain and to include other foods that can improve your condition.

Arthritis can be a debilitating disease, but it can be managed.  I can help with natural, drug free and surgery free management plans.



Headaches can be generally classified into four buckets: tension, migraine, cluster and sinus.  Chiropractic is particularly effective at treating both tension and migraine headaches directly and may also be able to relieve the underlying issues that can cause the sinus headache.

The most obvious and common causes of tension and migraine headaches are in the joints, muscles and nerves of the head and neck. I am experienced with diagnosing and treating these issues through chiropractic and related supportive treatments.

I often recommend changes to body mechanics, sleep positions and work habits as well as overall fitness and nutrition that can help alleviate both the recurrence and pain level of each headache.

Sinus headaches can be caused by inflammation that results from infections you might not even realize you have.  By treating the underlying infection and thus reducing the associated inflammation, I can often help you avoid this painful type of headache.




Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress

Over 55% of adults say they experience stress. What about chronic stress?

Usually, chronic stress presents as pain between the shoulders, headaches, neck stiffness and overall tension and pain.  So many times, I hear these words,  "I hold my stress between in my neck and shoulders."

Many times, the problem is not your chronic stress but your body's inability to handle stress.

I always go back to this basic premise: when the body is functioning correctly, your body can handle more stress and be pain free.

Our doctors at Back to Health know how to restore function and relieve pain between the shoulders, headaches and neck stiffness and overall tension and pain.


Poor Sleep

Poor Sleep

Fifty million to 70 million people in the US suffer from one or several sleep disorders.

The inability to get a good night's sleep will affect your health. The opposite is also true. Poor health will affect your sleep.

Lack of flexibility, stiffness and pain are a few of the factors that affect sleep and the factors that our doctors, Dr. Steven Robillard and Dr. Charles Collins, can restore to help you get a good night's rest.


Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy is one of the most impactful natural events in a woman's life.  The hormonal changes that are necessary to maintain the pregnancy as well as the natural changes to the mother's body that prepare her for labor and delivery can arise throughout the pregnancy.  In fact, mothers may experience pregnancy differently through several births.

Since chiropractic attends to the joints and ligaments of the body and is completely drug free, it can be an ideal regular treatment for mothers throughout their pregnancies and beyond.

Some of the benefits can be:

  • Less nausea 
  • Relief of back, neck, hip and joint pain
  • More room for your growing baby due to better alignment of the body
  • Better sleep 

While chiropractic care can be very helpful for normal pregnancies, there are certain circumstances when it is not advised.  These include:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Placenta previa 
  • Toxemia

It is important to check with your obstetrician and chiropractor to ensure that chiropractic care is right for you and your growing child.  However, you are very likely to learn that it is, if your pregnancy is a healthy one.