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DOT Examinations in Flower Mound

Back to Health offers convenient and cost-effective Department of Transportation, (DOT) examinations.

The DOT requires physical exams by a licensed medical examiner specifically trained in DOT physicals.

Steven Robillard, D.C. is a certified medical examiner licensed to perform DOT physicals. National Registry # 4694458378.

Call 972-539-6564 to schedule your exam. Exams can usually be performed the same day as your phone call.

Should I bring anything with me?

Just do three things

  1. Clink on the following link to get DOT Medical Exam and Certificate
  2. Fill out only page 1.
  3. Bring them to your appointment.

What is involved in DOT physical?

There are 5 parts to your physical

  1. Review of your health history
  2. Vision Test
  3. Hearing Test
  4. Blood Pressure and pulse rate.
  5. Urine specimen

Physical examination which will include the following 12 areas.

  1. General Appearance
  2. Eyes
  3. Ears
  4. Mouth and Throat
  5. Heart
  6. Lungs and Chest (your chest will never be exposed)
  7. Abdomen
  8. Vascular system
  9. Hernia checks
  10. Extremities
  11. Spine and Musculoskeletal System
  12. Neurological

Will my DOT physical include a drug test?

Your DOT physical does not involve a drug test. There is a urine sample involved but this is only to test for underlying disease and does not test for drugs.

DOT also has requirements regarding Drug and Alcohol testing. If you are required by your employer to have a drug or alcohol test as well as your DOT examination, please let us know so we can schedule accordingly.

What will I receive to show my employer I passed my examination?

Upon passing your examination, you will receive your examination documents to give to your employer as well as a laminated certificate that you will keep.

How long does my certification last?

Your physical examination is valid for 2 years. It could be less if you have complications like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Call for an appointment Today (972) 539-6564!