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Knee Pain

Dr. Steve wants to see improvement and he works with you to get results. Their hours are very flexible so I can come at the end of my work day. The cold laser treatments are unbelievable! They truly work.
- Debbie S.

Dr. Steve works miracles. I have had knee and back trouble for years. Dr. Steve has dramatically improved the condition of both. Dr. Steve is the real thing. He's talented, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. Most importantly, he listens to his patients. A rare gift indeed.
- Arron G.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Steve. I was in tremendous pain in my right knee and after 2 visits the pain is almost non-existent. Dr. Steve will quickly and efficiently cure you of your pain issues. They are a very honest group of people to do business with.
- John W.

The pain in my left knee has lessened to the point the occurs very infrequently. Before Dr. Steve’s treatment I had intense pain each time I walked. Dr. Steve quickly found the source of my pain and then successfully treated it. I had been experiencing acute pain in my left knee for over a year; Dr. Steve lessened and relieved the pain within 2 visits.
-Tina L.