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Allergies and the Liver
What is the connection

A while back I had a patient tell me they were going to Hawaii and was sure it was going to cause her allergies to act up.She asked if there was a natural supplement for her allergies? I recommended a supplement called Antronex and did not see her until she came back from her vacation.

She raved about how during the trip, her allergies had not affected her at all. She asked me how Antronex worked on the sinuses.I told her that Antronex does not work on the sinuses.It works by naturally decongesting the liver. What I am telling you is what I told her.

The function of the liver is to filter the blood and detoxify chemicals in the blood. When the liver gets congested it will spread to the lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system gets congested then you feel it in your sinuses.

The bottom line is that for people who are "allergic to everything" I have found that getting the liver to be more efficient can have some dramatic effects.

Primary Signs and Symptoms of a Sluggish Liver

  • Bitter, metallic taste in mornings

  • Bowel movements painful or difficult

  • Feeling Queasy, heaches over eyes

  • Stools light colored

  • Skin peels on soles of foot

  • Pain between shoulder blades

  • Use of, or need for laxatives

What is Antronex?
Antronex is a whole food supplement that contains a special liver extract, which the Japanese named Yakriton. Antronex is rated according to the amount of Yakriton it contains. Yakriton is the blood-filtering fraction of the liver.So the product quickens the detoxification of the blood in its flow through the liver.It is a natural anti-histamine, excellent for people who have histamine toxicity, as in cases of asthma and allergies.

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